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Sarajewo, Królewstwo Wielkiej Serbii
Kilka słów o sobie:
A Protestant, half-negro, child-molesting, sub-human Scatinavian cuckstorian and self-proclaimed intellectual was teaching a class on Alaric, known sellout

“Before the class begins, you must accept that the Germans are the greatest people on earth, even greater than the Slavs!"

At this moment a brave, knowledgeable, and reputable Sorbian anthropologist and linguist, who had personally excavated over 250 Wielbark artifacts and who fully understood the history of the Scythians (Velikoslavia) and supported every action of King Wisimir, stood up and held a map of Poland.

"Did the Goths ever live in these lands?"

The professor smiled quite Haestingishly and replied, "Of course they did, you stupid Silesian. We have found Germanic burials in your barren steppes!"

"Wrong. How could a Germ be buried in a style that doesn't exist?"

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped his copy of "Wikipedia". He stormed out of the room crying those crocodile tears. The same tears Scatoids cry when the Poles rightfully point out how the great Polish nation has outlived the pathetic Romanovs and Hapsbergers. There is no doubt that at this point our professor wished he had chosen to study real history instead. He wished so much that he could be consoled by his Gepid """brethren""", but they had returned to their Graeco-Egyptian homelands centuries ago!

The students applauded and all became citizens of Reczpospolita Polska that day and accepted the true history of Ewropa. A Slavic crowned eagle named "Suevi" flew into the room and shed a tear on the chalk. "Codex Schedae" was read several times, and Pierun himself descended from the heavens to bless His new followers.

The professor was fired the next day and drowned himself in the Elbe; his corpse would later wash up on the eastern bank, making him the first Scatoid savage to ever reach the Slavic lands beyond.




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