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"The Carapace Cross is gone, extinct as the dodo or the dragon. Only humans remain. But still my wings unfurl, and still my skin has hardened to scales, and still the facets of my eyes are shining anthracite."

"I knew a man who captured moths in a bell-jar. On nights like this, he would release them one by one to die in the candle."

"Vine-crowned moth-king hatched in the thigh of the thunder-king who's dead. Drink up his belly-lymph. These are the sights you'll see."

"It has been expressed like this: 'Each Hour has its colour, but colour exists only where there is light'"

"'Mercy', saith the Watchman, 'is found only in shadow.'"

"The Meniscate, the Madrugad, the Flowermaker and the Forge of Days are the gods-from-Light. There is a fifth, but now we know it is not the Watchman. Yet the Watchman shares a secret doctrine with those five, and here is that doctrine..."

"Oh, the world is flat; oh, but it's flat! I won't stay long. I shan't stay long. Tell me a secret."-enigmatic name called The Baldomerian

"When we watch a fire, what are we watching for? When we find it, these are the words it will speak: a word that sanctifies the change that comes when the seared skin peels."

"Break a thing, and you have fragments. Break those fragments, and you have dust. Break the dust, and then break what remains. Here is fire."

"This is the hymn the heat sings to the iron. If we imitate it faithfully enough we will parch our lips and crisp our tongue, but O, the rewards."

"The Forge of Days, the Meniscate and the Madrugad are gods-from-Light. Mercury, silver and gold are the seeds of the Work, and here is their secret doctrine..."


"All conquest occurs at the Edge. One who dwells there is blind, and cannot be wounded. Another is strong, and grows stronger."

"When our ancestors forged swords, taught the arts of martial movement, spoke curses on the eve of battle - all these things shared certain patterns."

"The Colonel has been many things in many ages. He is blind; he is deaf; he cannot be wounded; he cannot be denied. His Names are cunning as only the very old can be."

"The Lionsmith is young by the standards of the Hours, but old by the standards of war. His Names are recent recruits, and their recitation has a savage power."

"The Colonel and the Lionsmith are gods-who-were-flesh, but the Wolf-Divided is a god-who-was-blood. Cunning, Strength and Agony are the three roots of victory, and here is their secret doctrine..."

" ... "

"When I speak it, my lips don't crisp with frost. Each time, this is surprising."

"There is a power that commemorates and grieves, from whom nothing is taken, but who cannot be deceived. You might expect to be able to crush him in your hand, into bird-bone fragments."

" Six are gone. Five came from Stone and one from Light. All went to Nowhere. Still their memories have power, and now we call upon it."

"When the Sun-in-Splendour was divided, the Names fractured too. Here as the shards of their names which once were whole."

"When the Forge is cold and the Glory is dark and the Wood is dust, perhaps the Wolf Divided will rest, but only until it can devour itself. This word almost expresses the Divided One's hatred."

"The ascent is glass. The walls are knives. Each step is blood. The Dead who rest before a new-cracked mirror, who pass through the Peacock Gate, who master the Sharp Stair: those Dead enter the service of the Sun-in-Rags."-The Description of The Maid in the Mirror

"The Heart Relentless beats to protect the skin of the world we understand."

"There are common sentiments in every thunderclap. Let us acknowledge them."

The syllables of this formula are compelling. I find myself snapping my fingers to its rhythm. It desires not to cease."

"The Sister-and-Witch has always been invoked for protection, at crossroads and at moonrise and where the land shelters the sea."

"One who watches does not sleep, one who sleeps watches not. One who watches does not sleep, one who sleeps watches not."

"The Velvet always answers 'No,' but we can shelter in that 'No' like beasts in the crook of a tree."

"The Grail ripped the Thunderskin from flesh. The Sister-and-Witch was born from two wombs. The Velvet woke when the Wood-roots tasted blood. The Heart is Blood's Drum, and here is its secret doctrine..."

"The Percussigant! It loves the sistrum's shiver, it loves the thrum of the tympanos, it recalls with fondness the flaying of Marsya, and so it will not
will not
will not stop dancing."

"Hunger, lust, the drowning waters."

"Some words are spelt correctly only when the proper ink is used."

"The Great Mother remembers."

So pleasant upon the ear. One could listen over and over. These are the words that make sacrifice sweet."

"Raucous shrieks attend the passage of the Names of the Grail. We reproduce them as best they can, for the pulsing power they lend."

"There exist some pleasures intense enough to corrupt the laws of the physical world."

"The Flowermaker cannot touch you; he cannot find you; he always has what you desire. Even an elaboration of the properties of his works can draw the attention of the Hours."

"The Grail was the first god-who-was-blood. The Flowermaker came from the Light. The Beach-Crow was flesh. Hunger and Greed and Yearning are the matrix of appetite, and here is their secret doctrine..."

"Change me. Change me. Change me harder. Now: my turn."-Ezeem, The Second Thirstly

"The Knock permits no seal and no isolation. It thrusts us gleefully out of the safety of ignorance."

"Sooner or later, every locksmith has the Dream. Now we recite its seven phases... "

"Every door in the Mansus requires its sacrifice before it will open. The Iguvine Rites prescribe the manner of the sacrifice."

"To open certain Ways, one must first open oneself. This practice outlines that opening, in the name of the Mother of Ants."

"When the moon's face was wounded, these words appeared."

"One god-who-was-stone remains, and she watches all thresholds."

"The Mother of Ants is the child of two rivers. The Horned-Axe is the last god-from-Stone. The Meniscate was born in the Moon from Light. The Wound and the Threshold and the Revelation are all the Gate's aspects, and here is their secret doctrine..."

"The Moth's Hour is midnight. It is the first God-who-was-blood. It seeks among the trees of the Wood; it beats within the skull; it is dappled."

"The Watchman is the Door in the Eye. He opens the way for the willing and for the unwilling. He is often the first Hour that we supplicate. He is always in white."

"The Glory is a question, and the Moth always answers Yes. The Black-Flax’s answer is No, and that is always its answer.„

"The Ring-Yew, called the Malachite, is succulent; she renews; she encompasseth."

"The Thunderskin is the Heart Relentless, who does not permit conclusion. With the Mother of Ants, he is among the chiefest Gods-from-flesh. He cannot be stilled; he demands the dance; he is beaten, like a drum. Red and blue are his colours. He is heard in the Wood below the world."

"Seven were the wounds of His body, seven the doors of the House. Seven the lesser aspects of the Hours, and Knock the aspect above all, for the Mother of Ants is the Mother of Salvation."

"The Witch-and-Sister unites what is at rest. She is sought at the water's edge and beneath the moon. She cannot be touched; she cannot be separated; she is pearl, coral, amber."

"The first part of the poem describes the ambush of the Seven-Coils by a warrior 'scarred all over by the traitor gods, scarred even unto his eyes, so that the sight of the great coils would not destroy him'."

"There is a power that commemorates and grieves, from whom nothing is taken, but who cannot be deceived. You might expect to be able to crush him in your hand, into bird-bone fragments."

"INAAM: Has not the Beach-Crow shared his treasures?
GARKIE: Not the rarest. He takes those things most precious, which he claims found, not stolen."

"The Sun-in-Rags concludes endings beautifully. He is usually reckoned one of the Gods-from-Light; but Julian Coseley (the seventeenth-century magus and reputed immortal) has indicated he should in fact be numbered among the Gods-from-blood. He burns; he is distant; he is not as he was. He wears gold and red."

"When I remember the Horned Axe, I recall the scent of hawthorn. I recall a purple evening sky shot with red gold. I recall that her edges dripped where she had lately been at work."

"The Church revered the Sun-in-Splendour before it was divided - but even while it was still whole, its later selves were recognized as its Names. The Madrugad, of course, presided over death and the passage into the House."

"'Seek the Cup in the birthing-bed', the Pine-Knight is told. The Midwife at the birthing-bed, to his amazement, is the Mountain-Mother. In a fit of awe, he both gelds and flays himself. The Vigilant Storm burst joyfully from the remains."

"The Vagabond is the one Hour who can never enter the Mansus, but she goes everywhere else... and, if you believe her boasts, she's the only one who knows all the Histories. Sometimes, she lets someone record her travels."

"The Sister-and-Witch were born in two wombs, one poor one rich, across the sea. The Sister was stronger in the aspect of Heart, and so their survival was assured; the Witch was stronger in the aspect of Grail, and so they were not satisfied..."

"Birth occurs at the conjunction of pleasure and torment. So the first Forbidden Acts of the Forge birthed sparks of delight which took root in the Glory or in Nowhere: who can say? So the seeds of the Flowermaker were planted, though for long years he was nothing but an unfulfilled ache."

"Even the Sunne can be divided, though it require the Forge of Dayes for its division."

"His the power of lust and disease, his the will to infect and become. Do not permit him to touch you. Do not even look upon his face."

"The real Hours don't meet the gods-from-Nowhere, but the Ring-Yew meets the Mare-in-the-Tree where the Wood grows lush. Their couplings are forbidden, and forbidden things have power, and this is the story of their couplings."

"I've learned the path to the Wood, tangled darkness that grows around the walls of the Mansus (thought the Mansus has no walls). I can Dream with this to return to the Wood."

"In my dreams, I've passed the white door, which has been called the Bone Door and the Gate of Ivory. My voice remains outside the House each time I enter."

"In my dreams, I've found the way to the Stag Door, sometimes called the Horn Gate or the Adept's Door. I have answered its riddle, and am counted among the Know"

"In my dreams, I've found the way to the Spider's Door, sometimes called the Bloody Gate or, more informally, the Wrong Door."

"The Peacock Door: proud and shining amethyst, its glow tinting the snow-pale shapes of the Glassgarden. This is the highest point where mortals may penetrate the Mansus. No crack marks its surface. This is not a door that opens, although, it is said, it may bleed light."

Here are the secrets of The House beneath the skin of world.

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Avatar naruto12345678

1 kwietnia 2020, 07:40


Avatar krzysiulka10

19 lutego 2020, 20:49

Gramy dzisiaj?

Avatar Cherrysan

7 listopada 2019, 18:45

Ohayo, long time no see, Maciek. Kojarzysz może RP na Discordzie? Książkę na wattpadzie?

Avatar Isyander

7 listopada 2019, 23:32

@Cherrysan: Hai! To nie jest coś, co mógłbym szybko zapomnieć, pamiętam. Ostatnio szukałem jej na wattpadzie ale nie znalazłem niestety.

Jak tam u Ciebie?

Avatar Cherrysan

8 listopada 2019, 21:05

@Isyander: No wszystko się rozwlekło ostatnio, ale już powoli to na składam. Ludzie odchodzą, a w ich miejsce są nowi. I ogółem po roku rozłąki nabrałam sceptycznego poglądu na życie. Książki nie ma, źle mi się kojarzyła co nie co, od stycznia tego roku jej chyba nie ma. No i w technikum o wiele lepiej niż w podstawówce, więcej kolegów którym idzie zaufać mimo mojego nastawienia. A u Ciebie?

Avatar Isyander

9 listopada 2019, 00:14

@Cherrysan: Na jaki kierunek poszłaś?
Ja teraz jestem na Biol Chemie, mam kilku kolegów i dalej piszę z Oceanem, Shengro, Mikim i resztą (oprócz Janusza, Astry, Piarda)

W sumie w liceum jest o wiele lepiej niż w podstawówce, właśnie zakładałem z Cebulem konto na tinderze na emaila klasowego xD
Zostałem też klasowym żydem, i niechcący wprowadziliśmy w szkole socjalizm
W sensie jest sprawa bo wnuczka pani profesor od chemii jest głuchoniema bo ma chorobę jakąś, innej córka ma raka, a jeszcze innej spalił się dom (ale nie główny więc no)
I z samego faktu bycia człowiekiem wpłaciłbym pieniądze na te dzieciaki, ale żeby było sPrAwIeDlIwIe to zmuszają do zbiórki co jest totally braindead, ponieważ to zmuszanie do pomocy, a sądzę że pomoc ma sens jak nie jesteśmy do niej zmuszani

(Ale typiara co wprowadziła socjalizm powiedziała że zrobi turniej szachowy więc hu*, ja głosowałem na nią)

Masz jakieś sytuacje z szkoły śmieszne?

Avatar Cherrysan

9 listopada 2019, 09:19

@Isyander: Na technika informatyka, i szczerze to jesteś pierwszą osobą, do której napisałam w tym roku po tej kłótni i rozstaniu z Januszem. Wiesz jak się to zakończyło? Jego ignorancją i popisem, że spędza czas z Astrą lepiej niż z kimkolwiek innym. Serio, to było dziecinne i żenujące, dlatego odeszłam

No to nieźle z tym mailem xD U nas na tapecie w sali od sieci komputerowych był Korwin, a ja ustawiłam Pietrka Kogucika na Administratorze XD
U nas więcej jest wątku komunizmu, ja jestem Szamanem Zastępcą Wodza Zjebów
Przykro mi z powodu takich tragedii, z chęcią bym pomogła ale nie znam ich. I te przymusowe zbiórki to przesada, ale może i jedyne rozwiązanie, jeśli ktoś jest bezduszny
+1 za turnieje szachowe

Śmieszne sytuacje? Skarbnik podobno przewalił kasę zamiast na ryzy papieru to na serwer Minecraft XD
Ta sama osoba krzyczała Je**ć Disa na zastępstwie -,-
I resztę w sumie trzeba zobrazować, bo nie da się opisać klasy zwykłymi słowami XD
Mamy w szkole pianino, i grałam z innym JoBro na pianinie il vento d'oro(Giorno Theme)
Na moim profilu masz 3 obrazki z bardziej bekowych sytuacji w szkole - jeden na głównej i dwa w poczekalni. Jak chcesz, to wyślę Ci resztę, bo szkoda słów na tak piękne widoki XD

Avatar JaToTen

3 września 2019, 16:34


Avatar Isyander

3 września 2019, 22:03

@JaToTen: Siedem

Avatar oceanaus

25 kwietnia 2019, 18:59

Czy możesz na kimś użyć drugiej bomby?

Avatar Isyander

25 kwietnia 2019, 20:19

@oceanaus: Jeszcze jak!

Avatar oceanaus

25 kwietnia 2019, 22:05

@Isyander: Świetnie hehehe

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