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The night had been going well. Shuuichi left dinner with Kokichi at his side, and they headed to his room. It was the first time that had happened in a while—he’d been staying in Kokichi’s room while his mattress aired out, though to anyone who asked, they just liked staying together. It resulted in many sly insinuations that made Shuuichi want to crawl in a hole, but he’d rather hear that then have everyone know about Kokichi’s accident, so he put up with it.

Now he’d finally gotten his bed back to a usable state, and he had something he wished to ask Kokichi.

“Ouma,” he began as he let Kokichi enter first, shutting the door behind them, “I hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries, but I have a request.”

A request he’d had to keep telling himself he could ask. It was fine. The worst that would happen would be for Kokichi to say no. They wouldn’t break up over something so silly.

“What is it?” Kokichi kicked off his shoes and hopped up on Shuuichi’s bed without a care. Then, upon hearing the crinkle as he hit the mattress, he sat up and glared. “Actually, Saihara, what is this?”

“…A plastic sheet.” Kokichi’s frown made Shuuichi wonder if maybe he’d been wrong after all. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. “It’s not what you think! I didn’t put it on my bed because I thought you might, um, have an accident. You were fine all those night we spent in your room, right?”

“Right.” Kokichi seemed to calm down a little at that, looking a little more curious now. “Then what’s it for? Don’t tell me that gave you some weird pee fetish or something.”

Shuuichi wasn’t sure he ever felt as embarrassed in his entire life as he did in that moment.

“A-Actually, I think… I might?” For many long moments, the two stared at each other, neither saying a word. Then, Kokichi burst into laughter. “Ouma! Please, this was very hard for me to admit! I won’t ever bring it up again if you’re opposed, but I’ve been thinking about that night a lot, and I’d never felt like that before. It was… very enjoyable.”

“Sorry, sorry!” Kokichi did not, in fact, seem very sorry as he wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. “I just didn’t expect my beloved Saihara to admit to that so easily! You must have gotten really turned on to be so upfront about it!”

“I… I was.” God, how many times had he thought about it when he and Kokichi had been intimate? Every single one? Still, there were some things he just couldn’t bring himself to admit, and thinking about his boyfriend repissing his wet clothes in Shuuichi’s own lap every single time they started making out was one of them. “Ouma… I really want to try… something. Anything you’re comfortable with. Or nothing if you aren’t! Please don’t think you have to just because I—”

“Shuuichi.” Hearing Kokichi say with name with such intensity stopped Shuuichi’s anxious rambling in its tracks. Kokichi stared at him intently, his face betraying nothing… Then he giggled and grinned widely. “I don’t mind! What do you want to do? I’m sure you’ve been fantasizing, so tell me and we’ll do it!”

Shuuichi swallowed thickly, trying not to look as nervous as he felt. Here he was, given a pass to do whatever he wished with Kokichi, and it was too much. Dozens of fantasies had run through his head—how could he pick one on the spot? Admit that was what he wanted? How could he possibly tell Kokichi he wanted to—

“I want us to wet the bed together.” Kokichi’s face slowly lost its grin, and for a terrifying moment, Shuuichi thought Kokichi was upset. But then he leapt up off the bed and hastily put his shoes on before grabbing Shuuichi hand and leading him out of the room. “Ouma?”

“We need to get lots to drink if we want to really have to go by morning!” Shuuichi could do nothing but nod as he was pulled along. “Then we’re going to the kitchen!”

Part of him couldn’t believe that he was really going to do this. It was so dirty… But he could feel his cock stir in anticipation, and for once, he decided to listen to that head instead.


When he cracked open his eyes, the digital clock told Shuuichi it was just past five in the morning. It was possible someone else could be up at that time, but not many. Kiibo, perhaps. Maybe Kaito. Shuuichi certainly didn’t want to be among them, but his aching bladder didn’t really care what he wanted. It wanted relief, now.

Shuuichi couldn’t remember the last time he’d had to pee so badly—he wasn’t one to hold it until the last moment. He moved to get out of bed, when he remembered why he was like that in the first place. His face flushed as he carefully felt the sheets, finding them dry. Kokichi hadn’t had an accident, but he knew they still wouldn’t be dry for very long.

“Ouma, wake up.” He turned on the lamp and gently shook Kokichi’s shoulder until his boyfriend awoke with a displeased groan.

“Shuuichi Saihara, there’d better be a good reason—” His mumbling cut off as he opened his eyes. Shuuichi flushed as Kokichi smirked, presumably because he couldn’t stop fidgeting. He had to pee so badly! “Does my beloved Saihara have to go?”

“Yes,” he admitted easily, too desperate to lie. It wouldn’t have helped anyway, not when it was so obvious. Especially as a wave of desperation hit him and he had to grab his crotch. Not yet, he thought, just a little longer. “Ouma, are you…?”

“Absolutely!” Kokichi giggled and threw back the blankets. “But I have a request!”

“Anything.” That was potentially a dangerous thing to say, but there was no denying that he trusted Kokichi more than anyone else did. “I’ll do my best to do whatever you’d like.”

“Excellent!” Kokichi clapped his hands together, an excited shine to his eyes. Shuuichi expected his request had to do with their bladders, so he was a bit taken aback when Kokichi quickly spit out his question. “Can we use our first names when we’re alone?”

Oh. That wasn’t what he’d expected at all. It made Shuuichi’s heart beat a little faster to think they’d gotten to that point in their relationship, but they had, hadn’t they? So he smiled as softly as he could manage despite how painful his situation was, not wanting Kokichi to have any doubts about his answer.

“Of course, Kokichi. That’s perfectly acceptable.”

Despite it being his idea, Kokichi seemed a little flustered. Kokichi trying to talk about his feelings was always so ridiculously adorable.

“So, how do you want to do this?” Shuuichi didn’t comment on his quick change of subject. He had no intentions of embarrassing Kokichi. “This is your fantasy, so you should get to choose!”

Now that they were back to the pressing matter at hand, Shuuichi felt the awkwardness creep up on him. Wasn’t it enough that this was all happening because of him? Couldn’t Kokichi just take it from there? But no, Kokichi was right. This was his fantasy, and surely Kokichi was taking pleasure just from the fact that he didn’t know what was going to happen. Shuuichi didn’t want to let him down.

…And truly, he had to pee far too much for his embarrassment to stop him.

“We should lie back down, and you can press against me so I can… feel it.”

Kokichi hummed thoughtfully and nodded, lying down. Shuuichi followed suit, anticipation coursing through him. He couldn’t remember having accidents as a child, and yet there he was, about to deliberately pee in his bed while still wearing his pajamas. It was exciting.

“Does Shuuichi want to watch?” He nodded, biting his bottom lip gently as he tried not to squirm too much. God, he wanted nothing more than to see Kokichi pee himself again. Okay, but don’t feel like you need to wait for me to finish if you really have to go. We don’t want your bladder to pop!”

Shuuichi wasn’t sure such a thing was possible, but he didn’t have time to worry about it—a warm damp spot was suddenly on his leg. Kokichi giggled and shot him a coy smile. That was all the warning he got before Kokichi let go completely, and a steady stream gushed onto him, wetting his thigh with hot piss straight from his boyfriend’s dick. He had all he could do to not lose it right there. Kokichi’s pee spread down his pant leg, making him grow partially erect despite his own desperate need.

“It feels so good,” Kokichi murmured, nuzzling his face against Shuuichi’s neck, laying a soft kiss there. “Does my beloved Shuuichi feel good too?”

Oh god, did he.

“Yes,” he groaned, his breath growing shallow as Kokichi finished with a relieved sigh. Shuuichi couldn’t stop himself from turning on his side, lining up their bodies so they were pressed flush together at the groin. Kokichi buried his face in Shuuichi shoulder and shivered as Shuuichi had no choice but to give in and let all of the piss in him come bursting out. “Oh Kokichi, it feels amazing.”

He brought his arms up and held Kokichi tightly, reveling in the sensation of peeing in such a foreign location. He’d never even really peed against trees in the woods, let alone in bed, positioned directly over his boyfriend’s cock. His boyfriend’s cock that was growing erect as he pissed against it.

“Shuuichi,” he whined, pressing their clothed cocks even closer together, “I hope you’re planning on taking responsibility for this!”

His bladder emptied at a quick rate, soaking them both and leaving them grinding against each other until he trickled to a stop. He shivered with relief as he finished, ignoring the wet sheets as he pulled away from Kokichi to hastily start shedding his clothing. Kokichi laid there for a moment, looking dazed, before he sat up and did the same. As he striped, Shuuichi took the opportunity to take in his boyfriend’s small, naked body, with all of that deliciously soft, pale skin. When they were both devoid of any barriers, their bodies melded back together, kissing and touching each other in a desperate fashion.

“Is this going to be a regular occurrence?” Kokichi asked as Shuuichi kissed his way down his chest. “Because I might have a few ideas for us to try too.”

Shuuichi moaned at the very thought of what Kokichi could come up with, and he pulled away from his boyfriend’s chest, only to scoot back and resume his trail of kisses up Kokichi’s inner thigh and around his erection. All the while, Kokichi whined for him to stop teasing. Shuuichi almost continued merely out of principle—Kokichi telling him not to tease, ha!—but he couldn’t deny that he wanted release just as badly as Kokichi did, so he quickly took Kokichi into his mouth before he could think about the drying piss on Kokichi’s skin.

Sure enough, it didn’t taste particularly pleasant, but Kokichi was flushed and panting and just so cute that he didn’t care.

He might not have been a pro at sucking cock like Kokichi was—he honestly didn’t think his boyfriend had a gag reflex—but he thought he’d gotten pretty good at it, especially if Kokichi turning into a moaning mess above him as any indication. He reached between his legs and pumped his own erection as he sucked off Kokichi. Every moan that left his boyfriend’s lips spurred him on, and he soon came onto the wet bed sheets, groaning loudly around Kokichi’s cock. Kokichi soon muttered out a warning, but Shuuichi ignored it, licking and sucking until Kokichi came in his mouth.

This time, rather than cry out Shuuichi’s name as he tended to do when he came, the words Shuuichi had longed to someday hear from Kokichi spilled from his lips. He hadn’t expected to hear them so soon, but he couldn’t deny how thrilled they made him. Kokichi—blushing more now than Shuuichi had ever seen him before—flung a hand to his mouth as he realized what he’d just said.

“Ah, Shuuichi, I…”

Shuuichi gave him a gentle smile, hoping it would ease his nerves. They were stuck in this strange prison school for who knew how long, they’d been dating for a while, having sex, were on a first name basis… Who was going to judge them for putting a name to their feelings? Well, many people perhaps, but Shuuichi didn’t really care what they thought.

“I love you too,” he replied softly, resolutely. “I’m very happy we feel the same, Kokichi.”

Kokichi looked as if he was ready to run back to his room and hide, but he took a deep breath and seemed to calm down a bit, offering Shuuichi a tentative smile of his own as he replied, “You know, I wasn’t planning on falling in love.” Shuuichi hadn’t either, certainly not, but he didn’t interrupt. “You just keep defying all my expectations, and I can never read you like I can with everyone else, so you never bore me. I guess I… I really do love you.”

Hearing it again, while Kokichi wasn’t caught up in the moment of his climax, filled Shuuichi with a pleasant warmth. Kokichi was as hesitant with emotional intimacy as he was with the physical kind, but they were both steadily breaking down their barriers, together. Shuuichi sat up and tugged Kokichi close, holding him tightly and placing a kiss to the top of his head.

They stayed like that for a while—by that point, surely there were at least a few early risers up and about, so he didn’t see the point in going back to bed, especially with the mess they’d have to clean up first to do so. Even Kokichi didn’t look inclined to go back to sleep, and he was the one who always whined to stay in bed just a little bit longer. Besides, they had a lot to do—cleaning up, doing laundry, taking a shower… But Kokichi didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave his arms, and that was okay too. They could stay like that for a little while longer.

“When we get out of this place, you’ll stay with me, won’t you? No matter what we might end up remembering?”

It was an odd question. One that made Shuuichi wonder if Kokichi knew something he didn’t. But he thought nothing serious of it. He trusted Kokichi. He loved Kokichi.

“Of course. I’ll stay with you for as long as you want me with you.” He felt Kokichi smile against his shoulder. “If you want me with you forever, then that’s what you’ll have.”

“I’ll hold you to that, okay?” He giggled quietly. Perhaps Shuuichi was hearing things, but it sounded a little more melancholic that usual. “I’ll end this terrible game, and we can be together, far away from everyone…”

Shuuichi didn’t reply—he didn’t think he was even expected to. He’d worry about Kokichi’s cryptic words later; for now, he was perfectly content right as he was, with Kokichi at his side.

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Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

26 sierpnia, 21:55

@pmackowiakopl: siema co tam

Avatar pmackowiakopl

27 sierpnia, 08:45

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: dobrze,a u ciebie ?

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

27 sierpnia, 12:10

@pmackowiakopl: ch....o

Avatar DuzyMudzyn

24 sierpnia, 15:06

pizza peperoni
kazdy ja zje

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

24 sierpnia, 15:09

@DuzyMudzyn: pozdro od limepolisha

Avatar Papajnik

10 lipca, 22:08

zrobiłeś oopsie woopsie w spodnie?

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

15 lipca, 00:25

@Papajnik: slucham?

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Niby mało komentarzy widziałem ale baza profil imo 😎

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

22 maja, 00:45

@Gooddude: wreszcie ktos docenia moja tworczosc

Avatar Gooddude

22 maja, 00:47

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: a proszę cię bardzo, jedyne co mogę zrobić to napisać "baza profil" tbh

Avatar Memtwurca

10 maja, 18:23

Czemu shipujesz Shuichi x Kokichi

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

10 maja, 19:01

@Memtwurca: bo bardzo lubie ten ship

Avatar rumcajschr

25 kwietnia, 15:18

Czy ty wszystkie memy podpiеrdalasz z głównej?

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Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

26 kwietnia, 18:21

Avatar DuzyMudzyn

26 kwietnia, 23:02

@rumcajschr: powiem ci, ze już mam dosyc tego twojego freda, k...a jego w dupe zapie....ona mac. dzwoni do mnie codziennie o szostej rano i pyta o kase. nawet we wronkach mnie tak wczesnie nie budzili.

Avatar JaJestemZWami

22 kwietnia, 16:11

Haha, cats

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

22 kwietnia, 18:30

@JaJestemZWami: ale fajny

Avatar Murarzowa

22 kwietnia, 00:55

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

22 kwietnia, 02:26

@Murarzowa: nieee nie mozna tak

Avatar Lemeowur

7 marca, 22:55

super jestes czlowiek kontynuuj swą działalność internetową <3

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

7 marca, 23:35

@Lemeowur: nie mam zamiaru przestac

Avatar Bright32

Edytowano - 7 marca, 22:31

Imo nie przejmuj się hejterami po lubię to co robisz
Tak trzymaj

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

7 marca, 23:34

@Bright32: dziekuje takie wiadomosci ja te sprawiaja ze dalej robie to co robie

Avatar PewienKtosiek

24 grudnia 2022, 13:20

Wesołych Świąt!

Avatar kapix500

11 lipca 2022, 18:12

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

11 lipca 2022, 18:51

@kapix500: co to

Avatar kapix500

17 lipca 2022, 21:16

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: sasanidzki katafrakt

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

18 lipca 2022, 12:49

@kapix500: po co

Avatar DuzyMudzyn

1 lipca 2022, 15:39

dankest memes compilation 2022 chungus among us clussy my reaction to that information sonic.exe what situations get you in these situations fnf mod

Avatar DuzyMudzyn

24 czerwca 2022, 03:41

gramy w duck game

Avatar MasterChleb

22 maja 2022, 01:05

czemu mi usuwali od razu avek jak mialem anime dziewczynke z pistoletem a ten fanfik ci stoi XDDD arcydzielo

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

22 maja 2022, 01:32

@MasterChleb: administracja jeja mnie kocha


26 marca 2022, 07:15

Hej lubisz przytulanie i headpaty?

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27 marca 2022, 00:43

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: mogłobyś może podać?

Avatar DuzyMudzyn

31 marca 2022, 22:39

Avatar DuzyMudzyn

16 lutego 2022, 00:09

i hate car seat headrest

Avatar MatkaBoskaSowiecka

24 stycznia 2022, 20:56

Hello, fellow nonbinary :->

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

11 lutego 2022, 00:00

@MatkaBoskaSowiecka: hiii hiii omg hiii :3

Avatar RommSter

12 stycznia 2022, 18:12

translator mi sie odpalil przez twoj opis lol

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

12 stycznia 2022, 18:29

@RommSter: bywa

Avatar Kuman

8 września 2021, 23:41

Królestwo Kaedwen

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

8 września 2021, 23:43

@Kuman: fan wiedzmina

Avatar kardon

17 sierpnia 2021, 22:49


Konto usunięte

16 sierpnia 2021, 12:33

twoja stara oglada towarzysza michala

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Konto usunięte

16 sierpnia 2021, 15:13

@Armine: nie

Avatar Armine

16 sierpnia 2021, 15:14


Avatar Kuman

31 lipca 2021, 23:30

dobry dzień

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Avatar Kuman

31 lipca 2021, 23:32

Avatar Kuman

31 lipca 2021, 23:33

Konto usunięte

13 czerwca 2021, 16:59

Znam Cię nie znam Cię tak kminie se

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

13 czerwca 2021, 17:04

nie znam cie

Konto usunięte

13 czerwca 2021, 17:08

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: ja Cię chyba z jakiegoś komentarza kojarze

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

13 czerwca 2021, 17:10

nigdy w zyciu nie pisalxm zadnego komentarza

Avatar DuzyMudzyn

14 listopada 2020, 19:50

bajo jajo

Avatar Pandzianikki

13 maja 2021, 01:42

@DuzyMudzyn: Pomidor

Konto usunięte

21 maja 2021, 22:02

@Pandzianikki: malinowy

Avatar Dziwny_osobnik

11 maja 2021, 10:55

Witaj jestem Dziwny_osobnik i z nudów wstawiam pod profilami różnych Jejaków różne anime postacie. (Jeśli coś takiego Xię wkirza to możesz usunąć)

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

11 maja 2021, 11:40

@Dziwny_osobnik: co to za postac

Avatar memydory

14 maja 2021, 10:50

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: To wygląda na jakąś postać z gry Genshin Impact

Avatar memydory

14 maja 2021, 10:50

@memydory: No to jest Baizhu

Avatar VIGEE

12 maja 2021, 13:30

emo boi suichi

Konto usunięte

9 maja 2021, 17:49

100 gecs no way!!!

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

9 maja 2021, 18:16


Avatar exer_

4 maja 2021, 11:50

Siema fellow nonbinary i 100 gecs stan

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

4 maja 2021, 17:45

@exer_: chej!!!!!!!

Konto usunięte

9 maja 2021, 16:28

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: chej mowi gej

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

9 maja 2021, 16:36

Avatar Kuman

30 kwietnia 2021, 09:51

Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze
Unsern Kaiser, unser Land!
Mächtig durch des Glaubens Stütze
Führt er uns mit weiser Hand!
Laßt uns seiner Väter Krone
Schirmen wider jeden Feind:
Innig bleibt mit Habsburgs Throne
Österreichs Geschick vereint.

2. Fromm und bieder, wahr und offen
Laßt für Recht und Pflicht uns stehn;
Laßt, wenns gilt, mit frohem Hoffen
Mutvoll in den Kampf uns gehn!
Eingedenk der Lorbeerreiser
Die das Heer so oft sich wand:
Gut und Blut für unsern Kaiser,
Gut und Blut fürs Vaterland!

3. Was der Bürger Fleiß geschaffen
Schütze treu des Kaisers Kraft;
Mit des Geistes heitren Waffen
Siege Kunst und Wissenschaft!
Segen sei dem Land beschieden
Und sein Ruhm dem Segen gleich;
Gottes Sonne strahl' in Frieden
Auf ein glücklich Österreich!

4. Laßt uns fest zusammenhalten,
In der Eintracht liegt die Macht;
Mit vereinter Kräfte Walten
Wird das Schwere leicht vollbracht,
Laßt uns Eins durch Brüderbande
Gleichem Ziel entgegengehn!
Heil dem Kaiser, Heil dem Lande,
Österreich wird ewig stehn!

5. An des Kaisers Seite waltet,
Ihm verwandt durch Stamm und Sinn,
Reich an Reiz, der nie veraltet,
Uns're holde Kaiserin.
Was als Glück zu höchst gepriesen
Ström' auf sie der Himmel aus:
Heil Franz Josef, Heil Elisen,
Segen Habsburgs ganzem Haus!

6. Heil auch Öst'reichs Kaisersohne,
Froher Zukunft Unterpfand,
Seiner Eltern Freud' und Wonne,
Rudolf tönt's im ganzen Land,
Unsern Kronprinz Gott behüte,
Segne und beglücke ihn,
Von der ersten Jugendblüthe
Bis in fernste Zeiten hin.

Pierwsza wersja hymnu autorstwa Lorenza Leopolda Haschki

1. Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser,
Unsern guten Kaiser Franz,
Hoch als Herrscher, hoch als Weiser,
Steht er in des Ruhmes Glanz;
Liebe windet Lorbeerreiser
Ihm zum ewig grünen Kranz.
Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser,
Unsern guten Kaiser Franz!

2. Über blühende Gefilde
Reicht sein Scepter weit und breit;
Säulen seines Throns sind milde,
Biedersinn und Redlichkeit,
Und von seinem Wappenschilde
Strahlet die Gerechtigkeit.
Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser,
Unsern guten Kaiser Franz!

3. Sich mit Tugenden zu schmücken,
Achtet er der Sorgen werth,
Nicht um Völker zu erdrücken
Flammt in seiner Hand das Schwert:
Sie zu segnen, zu beglücken,
Ist der Preis, den er begehrt,
Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser,
Unsern guten Kaiser Franz!

4. Er zerbrach der Knechtschaft Bande,
Hob zur Freiheit uns empor!
Früh' erleb' er deutscher Lande,
Deutscher Völker höchsten Flor,
Und vernehme noch am Rande
Später Gruft der Enkel Chor:
Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser,
Unsern guten Kaiser Franz!

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25 kwietnia 2021, 22:14

Czesc mam pytanko

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Avatar Kuman

25 kwietnia 2021, 22:20

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: ja o sobie pisze w zależności jak się czuję
jednego dnia jestem chłopakie a drugiego...
Karolem, z Bożej Łaski cesarz Austrii, apostolski król Węgier, król Czech, Dalmacji, Chorwacji, Slawonii, Galicji, Lodomerii i Ilyrii, król Jerozolimy

Avatar Kuman

25 kwietnia 2021, 22:22

tak powiedział nasz dowódca przed tym jak wymordowaliśmy 1/7 Tureckiej armii w ty rejonie

Avatar Kuman

25 kwietnia 2021, 20:57

fajna flaga Anarcho-Kapitalizmu

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Ukryj wcześniejsze odpowiedzi (24)
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25 kwietnia 2021, 21:55

@Kuman: Po co wstawiasz screeny z tej słabej gry?

Avatar Kuman

25 kwietnia 2021, 21:57

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: tak jak wtedy na plaży w Helgolandzie, tylu Royal Marines poniosło śmierć...


20 kwietnia 2021, 12:25

100 gecs fajny zespół szanuję B)

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

20 kwietnia 2021, 17:51

@COWALSKY: moj ulubiony

Avatar Just_dangan_fan

19 kwietnia 2021, 07:37

Piękny Shuichi na profilowym :}

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

19 kwietnia 2021, 09:51

@Just_dangan_fan: dziekuje nagito :]

Avatar Serpent

5 maja 2020, 00:48

ej orzel

Avatar DuzyMudzyn

5 maja 2020, 00:50

@Serpent: napad na fabryke jabola

Konto usunięte

17 kwietnia 2021, 13:11

@DuzyMudzyn: mam dla ciebie cebularz


17 kwietnia 2021, 22:35

baz faktury

Avatar Kaworu

17 kwietnia 2021, 01:12

Ładne profilowe, co ta flaga znaczy?

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

17 kwietnia 2021, 01:22

@Kaworu: flaga osob niebinarnych


26 lutego 2021, 13:52

Fajne profilowe

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

17 kwietnia 2021, 00:41


Avatar MatkaBoskaSowiecka

1 stycznia 2021, 16:40

Twoje profilowe wygląda jak takie typowo julkowe xD

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

2 stycznia 2021, 03:59

@MatkaBoskaSowiecka: no i zakladam ze bardzo spora ilosc osob nazwalaby mnie "julka"

Avatar graczgracjan

6 września 2020, 20:03

Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

6 września 2020, 20:50

@graczgracjan: gracjan chcesz sie pocalowac i potrzymac sie za rece

Avatar ZHumorkiem

6 września 2020, 21:03

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: tak się chyba nie da bo ten osobnik jest lgbt-fobem i myśli że całowanie czegoś innego niż baby i jego ojca jest obrzydliwe fuj kto to na oczy widział

Avatar Serpent

7 września 2020, 01:26

@graczgracjan: gracjan chcesz sie pocalowac i potrzymac sie za rece

Avatar DuzyMudzyn

24 grudnia 2020, 00:37

@graczgracjan: 3) polej sie olejem


28 września 2020, 17:30


Avatar KrisuPolskiPolakSequel

30 września 2020, 22:40

si8ema co tam


1 października 2020, 03:25

@KrisuPolskiPolakSequel: nawet dobrze a u ciebie?

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