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Wybitne cytaty jejowiczów:
"Przyszedła" `Boberek00
"A więc, autorze, idź się powieś, bo jedyne do czego twoje ciało się nadaje to jako pokarm dla robali" `DMCJCD
"Twoja matka to ku*wa" `RpLay
"Różnica między tobą a Keanu jest taka, że on nadal powiedziałby że jesteś niesamowity

Żałosna spie**olino" `KrzyniuTV
One day, the penguins were on one of their most important missions: To stop racism. They had stopped multiple incidents of it at that point, and were about to stop what they thought was their final one. The old lady, a powerhouse, one able to defeat a lion with her bare hands, was the last target to get rid of racism once and for all. They tracked her down, and after a long fight, had her cornered. The lady however, had a plan to win this battle of "I'm gonna say the N-Word!" She said. "That's RACIST!" the penguins responded back. They quickly attacked her, before she could say the name of the most powerful weapon in the universe, and defeated her with the car.
They had done it. They had destroyed racism for the rest of all time. After celebrating their success, Skipper went to the White House, while the rest of the penguins went back to the zoo to rest, to tell Michelle Obama that the deed was done, and that racism would never exist again. “Ms. Obama, I’ve done it. I’ve stopped racism.” Skipper said, proud of himself that he was able to defeat the great evil. “Thank you Skipper, now I am free to roam this Earth.” She replied, finally able to be safe in the world. However, someone barged in to the White House. Alarms sounded, and Skipper and Michelle looked at the door leading to the room. Suddenly, Donald Trump burst into the room, looking confident. Security personal, disguised as news journalists to make sure Donald Trump didn’t slay them on sight, surrounded him, wondering what he could do to defeat Michelle Obama. He cleared his throat, and then talked. “Not if I have anything to say about it, and I DO.” Skipper and Michelle looked at him hoping that he didn’t learn the secret to the most powerful weapon in the world. “I’M GONNA SAY THE N-WORD!” Donald Trump said, with his voice rising. Michelle and Skipper gasped. He was going to kill Michelle with racism! “MS. OBAMA GET DOWN!” Skipper yelled, but unfortunately, it was too late. “NIGGER!” Said Donald Trump, as the White House was completely and utterly destroyed, incinerating everyone but Skipper and Donald Trump. As the dust cleared, a giant crater, somehow made white by the power of the N-Bomb, appeared. Skipper got up and looked around. “MRS. OBAMA, WHERE ARE YOU!? ARE YOU OKAY!?” Skipper yelled, hoping for the best. Donald Trump inhaled, that having taken out quite a bit of his power. “She is no longer with us, Skipper. And with her death I am FINALLY FREE TO SAY THE N-WORD WHENEVER I WANT!” He said, as the physical gems of power appeared near him, granting him the ability to destroy the entire world with just a word. Skipper looked on, worried that this would be the end of everything. However, another voice came in. A portal appeared in the sky, and from that portal came Martin Luther King Jr, upset that someone had just obtained the full hostile power of the N-Word. Skipper and Donald Trump couldn’t believe it, for different reasons. Skipper knew that Donald Trump would be no match for the power of Martin Luther King Jr. Trump, also knew that he was doomed, however, he kept his straight face, hoping that he wouldn’t be crushed instantly from the power of the King. “NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT, TRUMP. AND I DO.” King said. As his power increasing by the second. “PREPARE FOR MY CIVIL RIGHTS BEAM!” He yelled. As somehow, music began playing in the background, he charged up, preparing his ultimate attack. As he unleashed it, he aimed directly at Donald Trump, with the blue lasers, dealing massive damage, and an explosive almost powerful enough to rival the N-Word. Skipper looked down at Donald Trump, as Martin Luther King Jr took his leave through another portal. “Skipper my son.” He coughed out, being hurt, but not enough to end him. “You wouldn’t let me die, would you?” Skipper knew he must end this, but there was only one way. To use a word close in power to the N-Word. “Shut up, CRACKER!” Skipper said. Immediately, it finished off Donald Trump, burning off his skin. Skipper then decided that he would not stay behind to continue to watch his suffering as he burned to death.
Skipper, after returning to the zoo, described his failure to protect Michelle Obama from racism, as Donald Trump murdered her easily, with the power of the N-Word. Kowalski decided that it would be a good idea to take a break from this, and just fly above the ocean. After the whole incident with Dave the Octopus, the North Wind decided to give the penguins their own ship to use. Skipper told Private to stay behind, to make sure nothing bad happened at the base. As they took off, Skipper wondered if anything could’ve been done differently. While they were flying, Skipper noticed something. “Hey Kowalski, who’s that guy rising up out of the water?” He questioned. Suddenly, Barack Obama burst from the water, and blocked the penguins from continuing forward. “IT IS I, BARACK OBAMA!” “MR. OBAMA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Kowalski said, a question the entire group was wondering. “I HAVE COME TO EXACT MY REVENGE ON YOU PENGUINS FOR ALLOWING MY WIFE TO DIE AT THE HANDS OF DONALD TRUMP!” “BUT MR. OBAMA, I DID EVERYTHING I COULD!” Skipper yelled, still saddened about his inability to stop Donald Trump earlier. “I HAVE ALREADY MADE UP MY MIND.” Obama said. The penguins realized what Mr. Obama was about to do. “MR. OBAMA, DON’T DO IT, THIS WON’T BRING MICHELLE BACK!” Skipper said, knowing what was about to happen. “NIGGER!” Obama said. With that one word, he destroyed the entire ship, and made the penguins to fall from the sky, and into the water. They screamed as they fell. Obama vanished without a trace, as so no one but who he thought was dead would know about what happened. The penguins however, used a piece of scrap from the plane as a makeshift raft, to stay out of the water.
A few hours later, Skipper was talking out loud for his next Skipper’s Log, only because he didn’t have the paper to do so for the time they were stranded. “Skipper’s log, Number 32. Barack Obama has struck us out of the sky by saying the N word.” He said. “This doesn’t make sense, Obama would never say the N-Word.” Kowalski replied, with Rico doing basically nothing but annoying Kowalski. “I don’t understand it either Kowalski,” Skipper replied, “but some things you just gotta live with. UNLESS.” Skipper suddenly realized as Barack Obama came out of the water to finish off the penguins. “DONALD TRUMP, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT WAS YOU!” Skipper yelled, finally realizing what had happened. “Skipper my son,” “Obama” said. I see you’ve discovered my master plan. Now that I have taken over Obama’s body, I have freedom to say the N-Word whenever and however I please.” Skipper was in shock. Donald Trump had the ultimate power in the universe. However, Skipper got an idea. “So what you’re saying is that you’re inside of another man?” He said. “Why yes, I suppose you could say that.” Donald Trump replied, falling into the trap Skipper had set. “BUT MR. TRUMP,” Skipper yelled as loudly as he had ever before. “WOULDN’T THAT MAKE YOU GAY!?” Trump suddenly realized his horrible mistake. “NO, THIS CAN’T BE!!!” Donald Trump said as his spirit went out of Obama and over the water. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo!” He screamed, as he turned into stone, from the power of the word gay, when someone didn’t accept being gay.
The penguins realized that they, truly, had finally stopped racism. They went hope and celebrated with eachother. “Well boys, we did it. Racism is no more.” Skipper said. Cheers from Kowalski and Private could be heard in the room. Someone knocked on the secret entrance. Skipper went over to it and opened it. In front of the door was Barack Obama, now at his normal size. “Hello Skipper.” He said calmly. “Mr. Obama, what are you doing here?” Skipper questioned. “I came to thank you for your great service to this country.” Obama replied. Skipper felt proud. Even though he had failed Michelle, he still managed to destroy racism once and for all, and save the USA. Skipper replied, “No thanks necessary, Mr. Obama.” “As a token of my gratitude, I’d like to give you, the N-Word Pass.” Skipper looked at the pass, honored to be given something of such importance. “Mr. Obama.” He began. “It is a honor to call you, MY NIGGER.” He said, not in a hostile tone, but instead, one of friendship and trust. Which prevented it from destroying everything in the immediate area. “And as to you, old friend.” Obama replied back. With that, he left, and went to rebuild the White House and clean up all the white dust that had collected there from the explosion. The penguins decided to take a break for a few days after they’re success, and then afterwards, continued to fight against the evils of this world.

Tremble with fear black Cossack,
Deba become osełedce -
Prince Jarema repents
Orthodox faith does not want to.
Breast bad feeling suffocated;
Peasants - Popy and Icons
And he - Mr. sovereign Rus
Duchy coming to the Crown.

Twenty spirit in him taking a nap
Cross Roman until he enlightened:
Prince Jarema, Prince Jarema
Will be terrible for their children.

Russian loud groan pany:
- Look into his soul, Władyko!
After all, you give everything for nothing!
And we lose politics!
Requests obvious futility -
Prince lay all night cross:
- Who loves me - go with me,
Stakes or stringing it!

Twenty spirit in him taking a nap
Cross Roman until he enlightened:
Prince Jarema, Prince Jarema
God Rus bloody fly!

- Do not get in humility
At the royal halls,
Standing in the fire Zaporozhye,
Will go smoke your heritage!
- Before the legacy I want to homeland
Before the home I want to salvation.
Let the scars for Christ
They go into the fire generation!

Twenty spirit in him taking a nap
Cross Roman until he enlightened:
Prince Jarema, Prince Jarema
Roznieci heat gluttonous souls.

- Blood for you, not the honors!
Contempt for the Russian prince!
We for the Republic
How to trim your nails!
- Will trim, it will get burned,
Because I cross the curtain;
live to see koroniarze
Wisniowieckis on his throne!

Much to uplift hearts topic -
It lies in the crypt of glass covered
Prince Jarema, Prince Jarema
Father of the children stuck on a spike!

Prince Jarema, Prince Jarema
Convert, because policies.

`Kon'nichiwa, kon'nichiwa. Watashinonamaeha Stefan Miłosz/ Wilmontdesu. Watashi wa keimusho-nai de tsumi no nai basho ni suwatte imashita. Watashi wa keimusho no naka de tsumi ga arimasendeshita.

4 maja 2017 - ok. godziny 12:00, szkoła Imcia obchodziła tzw. May the 4th, dzień Gwiezdnych Wojen. Do szkoły przyszli przebierańcy, z czego jeden z nich przebrał się za szturmowca. Imć oraz mały pierwszak przestraszyli się, a następnie rzucili w szturmowca krzesłem nauczycielki, wrzeszcząc że szturmowiec "chce ich wrzucić do wody". Potem inni przebierańcy zaczęli biec w stronę dwójki, która to rzuciła klockami w wiatrak na suficie, powodując że strzeliła z niego iskra powodując strach u innych dzieci. Wiatrak spadł na podłogę, raniąc kilkoro. Imć ryknął i skoczył na przebierańca szturmowca, tylko po to żeby zabrać jego hełm i wyrzucić przez okno. Potem wziął swojego resoraka i zaczął bić nim w tył głowy, podczas gdy pierwszak chodził na kolanach. Wtedy to też Imć zdjął spodnie i dokonał aktu defekacji na dywan, Chewbacca potknął się o klocka i wywrócił na pierwszaka, który to zaczął piszczeć aż twarz mu zsiniała. Imć wziął z biurka nauczyciela laserowy wskaźnik i zaczął walić nim po oczach każdego kto mu się nawinął. W końcu od tyłu złapał go wf-ista, którego to Imć chwycił za jądra. Z odsieczą przyszedł ClockiKlocki44, wychodząc z szatni i uderzając wf-istę w plecy parę razy deską. Puścił on Imcia, który to złapał kawałek wiatraka i rzucił nim w szturmowca. Wszyscy zaczęli gonić Imcia po całej szkole, a on zjechał po poręczy i spadł pół piętra w dół, uszkadzając sobie ponownie żebra. Wszystko to Michał obserwował z ukrycia z szatni, a następnie biegając za Imciem. Michał wspomniał też że szturmowiec "miał aż czerwone pod okiem", a Chewbacca "cały był g*wnem umazany i krew leciała z ryja aktora po tym jak go Imć skatował". Clocki schował się na dziedzińcu.

Jedną z moich ulubionych kreskówek jest Batman. Oglądając odcinki w wieku dorosłym, nadal tak uważam. Zauważyłem jednak kilka ciekawych rzeczy i piszę tę teorię. Każda postać to część historii o Dicku Greysonie, czyli komiksowym Robinie. Dick, to ofiara gwałtów, ze strony bogatego Bruce'a. Zamiast pisać całą historię, opiszę postacie widziane w kreskówce i jakie są naprawdę.

Batman/Bruce Wayne - Kiedy był mały widział zabójstwo swojego ojca alkoholika przez gangsterów, którym był winien pieniądze. Kiedy dorósł został milionerem. Kupił nastoletniego Dicka i molestował go seksualnie. Jest postrzegany przez niego jako nietoperz, bo zakłada stroje sado-maso.

Dick Greyson - Gotham City, to świat widziany jego oczami. Jest schizofrenikiem i narkomanem. Postrzega dobrych ludzi jako złych. Być może dlatego pomaga jego oprawcy. Ma 14 lat i od czterech lat służy Bruce'owi jako "zabawka seksualna";

Alfred - Sługa Bruca i nieludzki gw**ciciel;

Gordon - Alfons - policjant. W zamian za łapówki "zapomina" o gwałtach na Dicku;

Batgirl - Prostytutka pracująca dla Gordona;

Joker - Miły detektyw, który próbuje zdemaskować Wayne'a. Robin postrzega go jako złego, bo nie może żyć bez Wayna;

Harley Queen - żona Jokera;

Ridler - Przyjaciel Jokera i geniusz matematyczny. Kiedyś pracował u B, ale się zwolnił, ponieważ pracodawca znęcał się nad nim.

Odcinek w którym ginie Joker (sezon 4) można zinterpretować tak: Psycholog pomógł Robinowi i odesłał go na terapię. B, wściekły na Jokera, przyszedł i zamordował go. Potem Robin zabił się i Bruce został aresztowany.

Oto jedna z teorii. Pozdrawiam.

1. Hard Rock Hallelujah Lordi
2. Radioactive Imagine Dragons
3. Light'em up Fallout Boy
4. Straight to video
5. Already Over Red
6. I want you (Savage Garden)
7. Run (Disturbed)
8. War of Change
9. In the End (BVB)
10. Faceless Red
11.Kill everyone HU
12.Been to Hell HU
13.We are HU
14.Everywhere I go HU
15. Hero Skillet
16.Forsaken Skillet
17 Me against the World Simple Plan
18 Larger Than Life
19 Demon's Fate
20 Make a Move
21 My demons
22 We are the brave
23 We are (Spiderman 2 Soundtrack)
24 It's a Dead Man's Party
25 Had Enough (Breaking Benjamin)
26 Lion HU
27 Soldiers Otherwise
28 City HU
29 Puppet (FNAFowe ścierwo)
31 Hymn Isis
32 One breath away Phedora
33 Citizen Soldier 3 doors
34 Take me Over Red
35 Stronger Empathic
36 Again Flyleaf
37 Behind these Hazel eyes
38 Monster Starset
39 Divide by Zero/ Slim Pickness Offspring
40 Self Esteem Offspring
41 Kids aren't Allright Offspring
42 You're gonna go far Kid Offspring
43 Living in a Chaos Offspring
44 We own It Wiz Khalifa
45 IHE about you 3 Days Grace
46 Żyję w kraju Strachy
47 Antoni wzywa do broni
48 Daddy Cool Boney M
49 Darkest Part Red
50 Figure it Out Serj Tankian
51 Deja Vu Intial D
52 Lost in the Dark Outlast
53 Lie Lie Lie Serj Tankian
54 I am Samaya
55 Get Lucky (Wersja Halestorm)
56 Burry me alive We are the Fallen
57 Born Again Newsboys
58 Enemy Blue Stahli
59 Lie to me Relic Hearts
60 This is why we bleed Leader
61 Break Down Kase
62 Rainbow in the Dark Kono DIO da
63 One eyed maestro
64 This tiem it's different Evans Blue
65 Komunizm Leniwiec
66 Till the show is over Electropop
67 You're going down Sick Puppies
68 Courtesy Call Thousand Foot Krutch
69 Money I fight Dragons
70 Levitate HU
71 Collapsing Demon Hunter
72 Overcome Creed
73 The Plagues (Książe Egiptu)
74 Murder Melody Cult to Follow
75 Awakening ONLAP
76 Falling inside the black Skillet
77 Left of Center Serj Tankian
78 Out of Line Device
79 Maneater Nelly Furtado
80 Maneater Hall&Oates
81 Riptide Vance Joy
82 Painkiller 3DG
83 Wires The Neghbourhood
84 My Brother "Berserk" 2k16
85 Welcome to the Family Avenged Sevenfold
86 Rebellion Linkin Park
87 Kill or be Killed New Years Day
88 Megalith Ace Combat 4
89 All is mine Phedora
90 Inside of you, In spite of you Thoushaltnot
91 Cynic&Critics Icon for Hire
92 Theatre Icon for Hire
93 Drunken Whale Dishonored
94 Dance with the Devil Breaking Benjamin
95 Diary of Jane Breakin Benjamin
96 Hundred years war Berserk
97 The Intrepid FMAB
98 Bring it Trapt
99 Beyond the Stars Evans Blue
100 Break 3DG
101 Viking Death March Billy Talent
102 Pretender Foo Fighters
103 Ucieczka do Raju Kali
104 Protectors of the earth 2 Steps from hell
105 Crash Decyfer Down
106 The Ones Aesthetic Perfection
107 Welcome to the Masquerade Thousand Foot Krunch
108 Runaway Sunstroke
109 Runaway Hail the villain
110 Heathens Metal Cover
111 Dream on Aerosmith
112 Wielki Zbrodniarz Papajak
113 Papież Suowiański Papajak
114 Vitas 7nth Element
115 Warriors Imagine Dragons
116 Leends never die LOL
117 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day
118 Misery Buisness Paramore
119 Humanity Scorpions
120 Take Me Away Avril Lagine
121 Dark Lord ending Dark Souls
122 Bird and the worm The Used
123 Outlaws Dsciple
124 Ways to be Wicked Descendants 2
125 King Nothing Metallica
126 In the Court of Crimson King
127 Can't Stop Red Hot Chilli Pepper
128 Strike Back We as Humans
129 Even Flow Pearl Jam
130 Heavydirtysoul 21 Pilots
131 The Passenger Iggy Pop
132 Before I forget Slipknot
133 Emperor's New Clothes Panic! at the disco
134 Sucker for Pain Dragonsy Wiz
135 The Phoenix Fallout Boy
136 Evil has a name Hail the villain
137 We are one 12 Stones
138 Disappear Evanescence
139 24 Jem
140 Carnivore Starset
141. I want to live Skillet
142. Resistance Skillet
143. Feel Invincible Skillet
144.The Fall Blue Stahli
145.What makes a good man Heavy
146.Short Change Hero Heavy
147.Propaganda Jojo
148.Last Man Standing Hammerfall
149.They Don't Care Hypnogaja
150.Boggis, Bunce and Bean
151.Virtuous Pope Jojo
153.Man After Midnight Abba
154.Nasz Czas Sobieski
155.End of me Apocalyptica
156. Not strong enough Apocalyptica
157.Rules of Nature MGR
158.Xgon give it to ya
159.Kashmir Led Zeppelin
160.Coco Jambo Mr. President
161.Slice me nice Fancy
162.We're all to blame Sum 41
163.Everything Burns Ben Moody
164.Moskau Rammstein
165.Takedown Girl on the Fire
166.Leave it all behind Cult to Follow
167.Us Against the Wolrd Family Ruin
168.Midlife Crisis Faith no More
169.Who can it be now?
170.Steel for Humans
171.Perfect Cult to Follow
172.Letters from the fire Mother Misery
173.Blockheads Because of me
174.Rules of Nature MGSV
175.Out of my way ONLAP
176.Seven Devils
177.Get the party started Shirley Bassey
178.Blood Water
179.Immortals Fall Out Boy
180.Sarcasm Get Scared
181.Into the night Santana
182.Ready to Roll
183.Bad Guy 3OH!3
184.Bitter End
185.Through it All
186.The Only
187.Drown in You
188.I will rule the universe
189.Kołysanka Kruka
190.Wolf in the sheep's clothing
191.Somebody put something in my drink
192.Drown Zahna
193.The Bomb
194.Live is Life
198.Spirit of the Hawk
199.Sznurki Władzy
200.Hide the Pain C9
202.Oh No!
203.The Natives
205.Rise Blockheads
206.Die for you
207.When the party's over
208.Burn Season Carry On
209.Reckless Youth
210.Everywhere I go ONLAP
211.The Reckoning

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Avatar J4cm3n

21 września, 14:43

Why Zed is dead, baby?

Avatar gobo333

21 września, 14:44

@J4cm3n: Bo zgw*łcił Marsellusa

Avatar Park_Jiminnie

30 lipca, 18:04

Long time no see.

Avatar gobo333

31 lipca, 09:37

@Park_Jiminnie: Robmal?

Avatar gobo333

Edytowano - 1 sierpnia, 17:41

@Park_Jiminnie: Epsylo?

Avatar MrHedge

7 sierpnia, 15:02

@Park_Jiminnie: brzęczoman?

Avatar Park_Jiminnie

29 sierpnia, 01:18

@gobo333: Tak

Avatar Ignisus

24 sierpnia, 12:01

Nikt nie będzie obrażać mc cwelu

Pokaż wcześniejsze odpowiedzi (5)
Ukryj wcześniejsze odpowiedzi (5)
Avatar gobo333

25 sierpnia, 09:22

@Ignisus: Hej hej chodźmy kopać dupy, ważną rzeczą jest chronienie mych jaj!

Avatar Ignisus

25 sierpnia, 09:52

@gobo333: Odpie**ol się

Avatar Ray_Mistikk

24 sierpnia, 12:31

Smutna prawda o Batmanie

Avatar gobo333

24 sierpnia, 12:40

@Ray_Mistikk: Bingo

Avatar Ignisus

24 sierpnia, 12:00


Avatar MrHedge

20 sierpnia, 16:39


Avatar MrHedge

14 sierpnia, 18:51

Uważasz się za psychola bo lubisz patrzeć na krew? Ja bym chciał kogoś zabić. A najlepiej wiele osób. A najlepiej aż będę cały we krwi. No może cały nie, ale całą twarz we krwi fajnie by było mieć. Kiedyś nawet fantazjowałem nad zjadanien wątrób swoich ofiar :P
I nie uważam się za psychola.

Avatar gobo333

15 sierpnia, 21:21

@MrHedge: Sese

Avatar wskii2

6 sierpnia, 18:44


Avatar gobo333

6 sierpnia, 21:54

@wskii2: Norange

Avatar MrHedge

23 lipca, 13:47

witaj malutki

Avatar antekk5

20 lipca, 19:21

halo dlaczego propaganda jest tak nisko w rankingu

Avatar KayonPL

11 czerwca, 07:53

Zed is dead, baby. Zed's dead.

Avatar LosowyLudek

26 maja, 21:54

owo my namwe is doppio

Avatar gobo333

31 maja, 19:43

@LosowyLudek: My name is Yoshikage Kiwa. I’m 33 yeaws owd (◕‿◕✿) My house is in the nowtheast section of Mowioh, whewe aww the viwwas awe, and I am not mawwied (◡ ‿ ◡✿) I wowk as an empwoyee for the Kame Yu depawtment stowes, and I get home evewy day by 8 PM at the watest (︶ω︶) I don’t smoke, but I occasionawwy dwink (◕‿-) I’m in bed by 11 PM, and make suwe I get eight houws of sweep, no mattew what. Aftew having a gwass of wawm miwk and doing about twenty minutes of stwetches befowe going to bed, I usuawwy have no problems sweeping until mowning (´ω`) Just wike a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stwess in the mowning ( ´∀`)☆ I was towd thewe wewe no issues at my wast check-up (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I’m twying to expwain that I’m a person who wishes to wive a vewy quiet wife (´ー`) I take cawe not to twouble myself with any enemies, wike winning and woosing, that would cause me to wose sweep at night ( ̄へ ̄)That is how I deaw with society, and I know that is what bwings me happiness. Although, if I wewe to fight I wouwdn’t wose to anyone ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Avatar LosowyLudek

31 maja, 20:56

@gobo333: mwy stando is a cute bombwy cwat uwu

Avatar DeadShoot

31 maja, 18:37

za krótki opis

Avatar gobo333

31 maja, 19:40

@DeadShoot: Kiedyś go wydłużę

Avatar gobo333

11 maja, 09:52

We did it, we hit 1900 red arrows

Avatar antekk5

11 maja, 12:41

@gobo333: dawaj otwieramy mamrota z wilkowyj

Avatar Kawento

3 maja, 21:05

Byłem tu.


18 kwietnia, 03:07

wazymy bimber

Avatar bylojuz12

13 kwietnia, 19:03

Dzień dobry.

Avatar gobo333

13 kwietnia, 20:49

@bylojuz12: Witam

Konto usunięte

11 marca, 23:41

opi***alanie petardy w slow mo

Avatar Shibu

5 marca, 12:37

Chciało ci się tak 181 dobrych nut/ost wypisywać?

Avatar gobo333

6 marca, 17:28

@Shibu: Szczerze mówiąc to znam lepsze nuty, ale zapisuję te, o których istnieniu mogę zapomnieć.

Avatar Shibu

6 marca, 17:37

@gobo333: Deja Vu zapomnieć?!

Avatar gobo333

6 marca, 20:48

@Shibu: No w sumie racja, niepotrzebnie dałem też In the Court of the Crimson King

Avatar gobo333

9 grudnia 2018, 12:31

1600 czerwonych

Avatar gobo333

27 stycznia, 13:41

@gobo333: 1700

Avatar wskii2

Edytowano - 1 stycznia, 17:08

Oku*wa masz Imcia w opisie

Avatar gobo333

5 stycznia, 19:48

@wskii2: Jeja usunęła naszą rozmowę

imć onufry zaraz walne freestyle na dissa na rapowego jest tak mocny że rozje*ie psa nilowego ty rapowy ku*wo je**ny wieszaku nikogo nie zar*chasz wisząc na trzepaku to ja mam rymy oraz ryj jak stodoła ty sie skryj w swej żony tłuszczu poła.

Avatar antekk5

6 grudnia 2018, 14:57

na potęgę posępnego czerepu
zamieniam ten profil w pierwszą bombę

Avatar gobo333

7 grudnia 2018, 14:45

@antekk5: O nie

Avatar Chromizel

20 października 2018, 14:03

Witam ponownie

Avatar WiktorT1

13 października 2018, 08:11

DIO x Holy x Kakyoin

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Avatar gobo333

14 października 2018, 16:42

@WiktorT1: To won

Avatar gobo333

16 października 2018, 19:41

@WiktorT1: Nie no, żart

Avatar crimzon

5 lipca 2018, 23:25


Avatar Kator

16 sierpnia 2018, 22:32


Avatar crimzon

17 sierpnia 2018, 08:00


Avatar gobo333

17 sierpnia 2018, 16:54


Avatar WiktorT1

13 października 2018, 08:12


Avatar antekk5

9 października 2018, 08:24

mój stand pt. autism jest najlepszy a za warudo może iść w pi**u

Avatar lorax12

7 września 2018, 19:11

To uczucie kiedy istnieje Jotaro x Stat Platinum... selfcest?

Avatar gobo333

8 września 2018, 12:41

@lorax12: Taki ch*jowy selfcest.

Jest jeden, który bardzo lubię z partu 5

Avatar lorax12

8 września 2018, 13:34

@gobo333: Mhm

Avatar Chromizel

6 września 2018, 14:05

Fuck. Teraz Momo zabija dzieci po niebieskim wielorybie
Kto będzie jej następną ofiarą?

Avatar gobo333

6 września 2018, 19:37

@Chromizel: Nie wiem

Avatar Wilaa

16 listopada 2017, 17:29

Masz bardzo ładny avatar.

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Avatar Chromizel

22 sierpnia 2018, 19:18

@gobo333: Za co?

Avatar Chromizel

22 sierpnia 2018, 22:43

@gobo333: oh ty

Avatar andi12345

19 lipca 2018, 19:14


Avatar RpLay

3 lipca 2018, 23:31

Beznadziejne konto

Avatar gobo333

4 lipca 2018, 07:37

@RpLay: >Kiedy triggeruje cię fakt, że ktoś obraża postać z Simpsonów, więc wyzywasz jego matkę od ku*ew


16 maja 2018, 22:33

Rzadko spotykam gdzies kogos z wiki.

Avatar MrHedge

10 maja 2018, 16:04

you were expecting some nice quality meme, but it was me dio

Avatar Fokeu

12 marca 2018, 17:00


Avatar gobo333

12 marca 2018, 19:34


Avatar Fokeu

12 marca 2018, 20:43


Avatar Wilaa

29 grudnia 2017, 10:31

Masz bardzo ładny świąteczny awatar.

Avatar gobo333

29 grudnia 2017, 12:42

@Wilaa: <3

Avatar Krzyniu

1 stycznia 2018, 10:25

@gobo333: O, właśnie to miałem napisać.

Avatar Miche

27 grudnia 2017, 21:22

Pan papież zyje?

Avatar gobo333

28 grudnia 2017, 14:28

@Miche: Jeszcze jak!

Avatar XiHan

2 grudnia 2017, 21:47

Nie wiem dlaczego ale twój opis przypomina mi o wierze w ashtar sheran i tekście "nie dajcie się zacipować"

Avatar MrHedge

21 listopada 2017, 17:00


Avatar gobo333

21 listopada 2017, 18:59

@MrHedge: Hedge, ty wróciłeś <3

Avatar PlaskiIndykWPaski

16 listopada 2017, 20:09

Szanuję mocno za Nico na awatarze. Nie czytałam książek, ale i tak <3

Avatar Kejdzej

16 listopada 2017, 01:16

O co chodzi z Sieciakami?

Avatar gobo333

16 listopada 2017, 08:27

@Kejdzej: Potencjał na copypasty i Dank Memy

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